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Observatory Upice


Equipment of the observatory consist of intruments for purely scientific work and that for popularization. Besides of the main instruments there are same small telescopes (trieders, binars, atc.) here.

The main cupola:
The main cupola, located on the main building of the observatory, contains four instruments:
Refractor Merz for drowing photosphere of Sun, pointation and demonstration of celestial objects to visitors. This lens telescope is outstanding instruments especially for observation of planets of Solar System and another bright objects.
Reflector Meniskus Cassegrain is used to visual observation of deep-sky objects.
Maksutov camera is designated exclusivelly for photography of dim objects of the night sky, e.g. deep-sky objects, comets, gamma flares etc.
Somet Binar 25 x 100 served as a pointer and for observing of large bright object of deep-sky, eg. open clusters, galaxies etc.

The small (Bečvář) cupola:
This cupola is not great in dimensions but it is great of its content – the instrument of the great astronomer in its interior is located. By this telescope the famous Czechoslovak astronomer, Antonín Bečvář, made his observations. On basis of this obseravion the worldwide Bečvář´s Atlas Coeli was published. Now in the cupola observations of the day and night sky have made. Instruments inside:
Bečvář´s astrograph
Refractor Secretain, an outstanding instrument for pointation, observation of Sun, objects of the Solar System and variable stars
Reflex camera for photography of comets, deep-sky objects. It also serves for trainig of new adepts of astrophotography

Telescope Meade LX 200:
This telescope is designated exclusivelly for scientific work. It is situated in its own small dome on the roof of the main building. It is with connection with a CCD camera used to for detection of optical counter parts of gamma flares and astrometry of small objects of the Solar system. By this instrument a new asteriod, 1999 RW45, was detected by Mr. Vyskočil at 12th september 1999.

The Sun cottage:
There is so called "patrol" telescope situated here. It serves for routine observation and recording of solar activity. It consist of system of two planar miror (coelostat) and a fix telescope. From the telescope the sun light pass through an optic bench in a dark room. In the principal regime the bench is prepared for observing of Sun in three optical bands, in white light, in the red H-alfa line (656,3nm) and in nearly UV line CaII-K (393,4nm). This arrangement is based on the chain of the Šolc´s filters. The scanning is by the help of industrial CCD camera and sequential digitalization to PC in which the picture is worked out. The optical bench is also used for custom measuremets of optical systems, testing of optical elements, fiters, etc. The other part of the instruments consis of instruments for registration of radio cosmic noise on frequncies 32,8 MHz, 29,5 MHz and for registration of SEA (sudden enhancements of atmospheric – it is an indirect method of solar RTG emission registration). Results of all these observation are regularly published on internet and in the catalogue Solar and Geophysical Data (editted by NOAA, NESDIS, NGDC Boulder, USA) as well as in the Report of Observatory Úpice. They serve for warning messages for energetic and healthy purposes, too.

Other instruments:
Besides of the instruments noticed above another ones are also used for scientific and popularization activities. It is mainly the 300mm Newton refractor with Dobson mounting, several telescopes Somet Binar and other bin/monocular movable telescopes.

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