Hvězdárna v Úpici, U Lipek 160, 542 32 Úpice
tel:  499 882 289
e-mail:  hvezdarna@obsupice.cz
Poloha:  N50°30'27,5", E16°00'44"
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Observatory Úpice

The Observatory Úpice is situated in the southwest of Úpice with a population of 6 thousand people, Úpici with geographic coordinates 50° 30' 27,5" North and 16° 00' 44" East. It can be found, as it is common with astronomical observatories, on a hill. But the hill is not so high (about 416 meters above sea level) and a standard type of species, Homo sapiens, may climb it easily. Also, you can get there by car directly to the parking lot at the main gate of the observatory, following traffic directions.

The Observatory Úpice is a professional working place with some unique and highly valued results. Besides the professional work the observatory devotes its activity to popularisation of astronomy, generally Space and Earth sciences, and ecology. An indispensable part of its activity is focusing on working with young people.

For public use, the observation of the night as well as the daylight sky is on offer at the observatory. All these with professional explanations. During extraordinary or interesting astronomical events the observatory arranges special activities and changes its working hours. If the weather is not suitable for astronomical observation, there are possible excursions and sighting of the observatory instruments. Under these conditions, as well as on demand, a lecture or an educational performance can be given.

Activities of Observatory Úpice, besides of its professional work, are focused also on popularization of astronomy and other natural sciences. The great emphasis is especially insist on the work with the young. The observatory organises and backes up groups of young amateur (hobby) astronomers in Úpice, Trutnov and Dvůr Králové. Besides of their regular meetings, mainly once a week, also the observing nights and weekends are arranged for these groups. During observing nihgts the young astronomers observe celestial objects and individually learn to work with telescopes. In the course of the observing weekends in addition they absolves lectures and it is also time enough for another activities, e.g. sport, games and so on. For young people interesting in astronomy and living at greater distances from Úpice the Club of Astronomer was established. It associated the young from 10 to 20 years old and it is working predominatly on correspondence basis – weekly reports about astronomic phenomena and occasions in cosmonautics sending by E-mail, free of charge SMS alerts etc. A great tradition have an action under the name "The summery astronomic expedition Úpice". It is a two weeks scholl of astronomy mainly for young people which roots ranged to sixties. The person concerned comes for all the Czech Republik, Slovakia and Poland.

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